Har ganska jättefina vänner.

Dom säger att far och son har fått bronsfeber.


Je suis désolé.

I'm a lonely-boy.


Too many words, too many lies.

You don't need a broken heart, to know that a heart can be broken.
You just have to open your eyes.

Hey I'm in the band!

Vad det mesta av livet cirkulerar kring just nu.

Men vad gör man inte för en bal på slottet?

I'm lost somewhere in your mind.

And I remember how you told me all you wanted to do,
that dream of Paris in the morning or a New York window view.

My very own chain of sorrow.

For a heart stained in anger grows weak and grows bitter.
You become your own prisoner, as you watch yourself sit there,
wrapped up in a trap of your very own
chain of sorrow.

20 april 2012.

Cosmic love.



No words needed.

Vad ska jag säga? Det finns bara en Jerry Seinfeld, och jag vill så ha en sladdtelefon!

This town is a prison, and I want to break free


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